Hello and welcome to my world of sexual assault prevention, foster care child advocacy, and gun rights activism!

If you haven’t already, read why I do what I do in the “My Story” tab above. It will give you a clearer picture of my personal experience and history in my advocacy and activism worlds.

I am really excited to expand my reach to others, especially women who are undecided about or unable to carry a gun due to gun control laws and restrictions. I am not here to put a gun in your hands, just to make you aware of your options and to ensure you and every other woman and man has options for self-defense.

In the near future, I will be updating my blog posts once a week with information about gun control, gun rights, or otherwise from around the country.

For now, I am posting content that was shared previously on Facebook or Twitter in the blog section of my website!

I have also linked previously published articles and news stories about me or campus carry in Florida and will soon have videos including ones I’ve done with the New Jersey Second Amendment Society and videos from me testifying on campus carry or other gun laws in Florida.

The Gallery will be used for photos of my life, friends, family, and places I go or things I do.

I look forward to continuing my pro-second-amendment fight, sexual assault prevention advocacy, and foster care advocacy now and in the future!

Feel free to contact me through the “Contact” tab above or send me an email at ShaynaLopezRivas@gmail.com!

Have a great one,



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