My Story

I grew up in an anti-gun, liberal household in New Jersey where my entire knowledge of firearms and politics came from inaccurate and unrealistic depictions from Hollywood. When I started college at Florida State University, I carried my anti-second amendment views and misconceptions perpetuated by gun control groups with me.

However as a student, on November 13th 2014, I was sexually assaulted on campus. Though I used pepper spray and ran for the blue safety lights on my campus that alerted police, the criminal who attacked me was faster, stronger, and threatened me with a knife. After that night, I took up a much more proactive approach to self-defense, including training and carrying with firearms. 

Since August 2015 I have been fighting for campus carry in Florida, as well as second amendment rights nationwide, to ensure that all law-abiding citizens, such as myself, are able to properly defend ourselves wherever we go. Through my political writing and activism, I have been able to advocate gun rights with members of the Florida State Legislature as well as Congressmen and Senators on a federal level, speak at legislative committee meetings, travel for policy conferences, and connect with people from all around the country who are a part of the gun rights community.

While there are days where it is not easy sharing my story, I continue to do so because I know fighting for real women’s empowerment and equality begins with ensuring women have the best choices available to protect themselves.

Aside from my political activism, I’m a passionate and vibrant graduate
of Florida State University and a volunteer court appointed advocate for children in foster care. I work as a supervisor in retail, am an avid hiker, enjoy talk radio and spend my free time with my family, partner, and friends.